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8,000 reasons why you should visit Xi’an – The Army of Terracotta Warriors

June 14, 2015
Even if it used to be the capital of China for about 1,000 years spread out over 11 dynasties, Xi’an doesn’t represent a touristic attraction itself.

I don’t know how many tourists would have ended up here if it wasn’t for some pottery figurines discovered by mistake by three peasants digging a water well in 1974. Those figurines turned out to be the Great Terracotta Army, the most important historical discovery of modern China and one of the most significant archaeological excavations and cultural discoveries of the twentieth century.

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Peking Duck, a culinary delight

June 13, 2015

A must while in Beijing is the Peking duck. It’s one of the eight most popular Chinese dishes and it’s famous for the crispy skin. Not much meat and quite greasy, but definitely a try. The cooking process is very elaborate and involves multiple stages. They are all important but probably what gives the duck the final flavor is the roasting (upright position using fruitwood), followed by a quick immerse into boiling water, coating with syrup and finally left to dry for 24 hours.

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Shanghai – Our first encounter with the Chinese culture

June 9, 2015
View of Shanghai cityscape by night

The first clue that you are in Shanghai, the most modern city in China, is being revealed as soon as you step out of the Pudong International Airport and of course you want to get to the city. There is no other mean of transportation but the high-speed magnetic levitation train, Maglev. And when I say high-speed, I mean 431 km/h, even though only for a couple of minutes. Given the very short distance, the whole trip lasts about 8 minutes.

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