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The incredible Mount Ijen blue fire, Java

April 18, 2016

First time I heard about the Mount Ijen blue fire was when I was doing research for our trip to Indonesia. When I saw the pictures there was no doubt in my mind that our itinerary should include this breathtaking, surreal place. Yes, it can be very dangerous but this is why it’s so fascinating.

We were planning to cross the Island of Java traveling from Jakarta to Bali, but how to do it in order to include Mount Ijen and Mount Bromo, it was still a challenge.

Of course, the time was limited and there are so many things to do and see in Java. So the most obvious solution, one that would save us at least 3 days of traveling and a lot of hassle, was to book a tour. While we are typically not big supporters of tours, this one seemed really convenient, taking us from Malang (East Java) to Banyuwangi, in order to catch the ferry from Ketapang to Gilimanuk in Bali. So we got to see and hike both Bromo and Ijen with only one overnight. Our detailed Java itinerary will probably be described in a different article soon. Continue Reading…