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Best places to eat in Rome

September 22, 2015

Being a foodie and all, before any trip I spend hours if not days scouring the internet trying to select and put together a list with the restaurants or dishes I would like to try in that specific area.

In this case, I added to the list recommendations from local friends or people we met, and of course some personal opinions.  By the way, if you have time (we didn’t) I understand that a food tour is a must in Rome.

Here is my list with best places to eat in Rome:

  1. Typical roman food restaurants

    –   Likeat (close to Piazza Navona) – amazing sandwiches and cheap; just as good as the one we had in Florence

    –   La Prosciutteria Trevi – wonderful cold meats and cheeses presented on wooden boards and some good wine to go with

    –  Da Francesco, also close to Piazza Navona – best lasagna and also very good pizza al forno (wood fired oven).

    –  Trattoria Vecchia Roma – very close to our guesthouse. Wonderful traditional pasta dishes and very good pizza. Be sure to reserve.

    –  Vizi Capitali –  in Trastevere if you fancy seafood

    –  Flavio Al Velavevodetto in Testaccio – go there if you want to feel like a local. Try their “caccio e pepe”

    –  Felice in Testaccio– traditional trattoria well known for its “caccio e pepe”

    –  Osteria Barberini – a little family run restaurant with a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. A perfect choice if you’re looking for a place to eat close to the Spanish Steps. Sufice to say that they use truffles for most dishes.

    –  Ad Hoc – if you want something fancy, want to get a little spoiled or you feel like celebrating, this restaurant offers a wide variety of tasting menus to choose from, priced around 60€ and a very extensive wine list.

2.   Pizzerias – despite the fact that you’re in Rome a good pizza is not so easy to find. Here is a list of places that created a name for themselves as best pizza in town:

    –  Pinsere Roma

    –  Pizzeria Loffredo

    –  La Pratolina

    –  Bir & Fud – it’s more like a beer bar with a great selection of Italian crafted beer to go along with your calzone or margherita

3.   Tiramisu –  what is a trip to Rome without its famous and most delicious desert, tiramisu. You can get tiramisu almost everywhere in Rome but for a real authentic experience you should try one of these places:

    –  Pompi – the most recommend place, specialized in tiramisu. They have a few branches around the city, but there is one very close to the Spanish Steps. They sell their deserts in ready to go boxes, which makes it really convenient to just grab one (or two) and enjoy it sitting on the steps. They offer besides the classic tiramisu version some unusual and delicious combinations depending on the season (strawberry tiramisu). The gelato doesn’t disappoint either.

Tiramisu at Pompi, rome

Tiramisu at Pompi

–  Gatta Mangiona – it’s a pizza place, but their tiramisu follows the old traditional recipe with delicious results.

–  Romeo – a restaurant with a “wow” factor, not far from Ottaviano Metro.  Fancy and slightly on the expensive side (but the average price for a dish is less than 20€), they do an unusual and delicate tiramisu in a rounded shape.

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