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Colors of Essaouira – Morocco

May 14, 2016
essaouira morocco colors

Once, the most important port in West Africa, Essaouira or the Windy City is still a thriving fishing port today, and probably the nicest and the most laid back seaside resort on Morocco’s Atlantic coast.

The vibrant and charming port is the perfect combination of Portuguese, French and Berber culture.

The market and the stores here have a more authentic, local feel with fewer tourists. Take a stroll through the Old Town and enjoy the sounds, sights, and smells. You can also do your shopping here, rather than Marrakesh. The atmosphere is more relaxed, people are friendlier and you don’t feel that pressure to buy something. In some of the shops, you can see the artisans crafting their wares, especially wood marquetry. Continue Reading…

Africa, Morocco

Morocco itinerary:10 days to get an unforgettable experience

May 8, 2016
sahara camel ride, morocco itinerary

Stretching from the Saharan dunes in the East to the Atlantic coastline in the West, Morocco is full of surprises. It’s a small country, geographically speaking, but full of culture, colors and unique experiences.

If you only have a week or 10 days to spend in Morocco (like we did) you will have to choose an area to explore, usually either the North or the South. It is virtually impossible to fit all the major destinations in a trip that short.

We chose the most popular part, the South, maybe because we wanted to include a new experience for us: the Saharan desert. That meant we had to divide our trip into two separate sections. One that we could easily do ourselves with the help of a rented car, and the desert part, that can be more enjoyable and stress-free if we embarked on a desert trip with one of the tour companies. Continue Reading…