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Photo essay: People of Myanmar in pictures

April 24, 2016
people of myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is a country that attracts the visitors in many unique ways. From the incredible number of temples and stupas to the unique rowing technique on Inle Lake or from the lush mountain forests to the pristine beaches. Unique are also the people of Myanmar:  women put a thick layer of yellow paint on their faces, men dressed in skirts are throwing red spit everywhere (from chewing a combination of betel nut and tobacco). Where else have you seen that in the world? Continue Reading…

Asia, Indonesia

The incredible Mount Ijen blue fire, Java

April 18, 2016

First time I heard about the Mount Ijen blue fire was when I was doing research for our trip to Indonesia. When I saw the pictures there was no doubt in my mind that our itinerary should include this breathtaking, surreal place. Yes, it can be very dangerous but this is why it’s so fascinating.

We were planning to cross the Island of Java traveling from Jakarta to Bali, but how to do it in order to include Mount Ijen and Mount Bromo, it was still a challenge.

Of course, the time was limited and there are so many things to do and see in Java. So the most obvious solution, one that would save us at least 3 days of traveling and a lot of hassle, was to book a tour. While we are typically not big supporters of tours, this one seemed really convenient, taking us from Malang (East Java) to Banyuwangi, in order to catch the ferry from Ketapang to Gilimanuk in Bali. So we got to see and hike both Bromo and Ijen with only one overnight. Our detailed Java itinerary will probably be described in a different article soon. Continue Reading…

Asia, Philippines

The best 7 activities for your Bohol trip – Philippines

April 9, 2016

Bohol is a fabulous destination that was on top of our list of places to visit in the Philippines. You’ve got pretty much the best of what the country has to offer, all packed in/around one island. Not a small one, mind you, considering is the 10th biggest island in the country, out of 7,000. Nevertheless, when you think of an iconic island in the Philippines you’ll probably think Boracay. This is where most tourists are flocking and… for a good reason: it’s a beautiful island. But I think that Bohol and Panglao offer a more genuine Filipino experience. Continue Reading…

Asia, Myanmar

Hot air balloons over Bagan, Myanmar

March 26, 2016

Myanmar was our first destination of this trip and one of the first things the search engines are showing you when you try to see how the field of temples look like, are the balloons over Bagan.

We had never been on a balloon ride before, so this was kind of special.

The first thing you need to know: it is expensive. When we saw the price of 380usd for a 50min ride, we were very hesitant to splurge on this activity. We were on the beginning of a 3 month trip which will include Australia and New Zealand (not exactly cheap destinations), so we had to be careful with our budget. After some reflection though, we decided to take it and were so glad we did it.

Continue Reading…